Growing Up… Slowly.

Last weekend, I went to a wedding.

My friend from college got married, and so all of us travelled to Wigan to celebrate with him and his new wife. The wedding was so pretty, with sweets and cupcakes, a personal church service, great food and fun games. Although the wedding was lovely and we had a great time, I had this weird feeling all day….

I was there with my boyfriend, my friends, and all their partners too. My parents weren’t there, and I was no longer the “child generation”. I was the same age as the bride and groom. One of my friends was GETTING MARRIED.

I don’t know whether any of you have had this feeling when going to your first ‘grown up wedding’. I’m not talking about an “I’m old” meltdown, because that’s not it. I don’t mind getting older; getting older means doing new things and seeing things in different ways, and i’m up for that. But it just felt like I was… well, growing up!

But at least The Boy doesn’t make me grow up too fast as he’s a big kid too! We do have  slight problem at special occassions though; we are USELESS at having photos taken together…


We got there in the end though…

ImageSo a big ‘thankyou’ to the bride and groom for a lovely day. And here’s to growing up… slowly.


Sami x