Yohan and The Bungalow…

When I last wrote, I was looking for a car and somewhere to rent with The Boy, figuring out if I was ready for grown-up stuff, and making lots of plans.

That was a MONTH ago! I’m so sorry! I’ve neglected you all so much!

But, a lot has happened. I’ll let you know in a few posts so you don’t get bored 🙂

I bought a car!

He’s called Yohan the Yaris (beautifully named by Big Sis).


ImageImageIsn’t he lovely?!

I won’t bore you with my newly-learned car knowledge (I’ll presume you are just like me and are not interested in anyone’s cars other than your own). However, this car knowledge did come in handy. I’ll tell you about that in another post though…


The next bit of news is We Found Somewhere to Live!!

I refused to look around it for a start because




*Cue Old Person Siren and hysterical laughter*

But, at least it’s not on Belland Drive (the flat on this road got nicknamed “Bell-end Drive” and vito-ed straight away.)

And when The Boy pitched it to me as a “ground floor flat without anyone being loud upstairs” it seemed to make sense. It has a garden! And a garage! And a conservatory! And, most importantly, a SECOND BEDROOM which means Made by Sami space 😀 Wooooo!!!


Everything’s happening, people!


Sami x

Blinded by Bows…

I’m a bit in love with bows at the moment.

It started with a red and gold belt, then some cream patent shoes with fabric bows, then a black dress with a bow at the waist… I mean, how could you NOT like bows?!

ImageAnd so, my obssession continues…

I have been working on some new jewellery, ready for Leopallooza festival where i’m having a stall:


Aren’t they beautiful?! They are made from painted leatherette, and i’m really happy with how they turned out.

I’m still experimenting with designs, and need to make a few more to test out (it’s a hard task, being forced into wearing new jewellery all the time *sigh*)

What do you think?


Sami x

Once Upon a Time…

I never planned to make jewellery or to sell my creations online. I never planned to devote hours of my time to creating beautiful packaging, learning how to market on Facebook, putting together newsletters, running workshops, selling at craft fairs and setting up a craft group. My plan has always been to keep on learning, to never pass up an opportunity to do new things, and to challenge myself to do things that could possibly fail, despite the nagging and consistent fear.
The big question

I’m not going to pretend that I know everything- I do most of these things by halves, stumbling upon new challenges on the way, getting distracted by new opportunities and chasing new ideas. And I’m not saying that all the things I try are a success, they’re definitely not! I haven’t got it all in the bag, I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, and the idea of this blog is NOT to market my jewellery to you and present a perfect, polished view of running a creative business. That’s what my website is for.
What is the idea then? To explain that, I suppose I need to update you on the story so far.

Time for bed now though, so I’ll start tomorrow…


Sami x