I Had It Made For You…

I want to share with you one of the best things about making your own jewellery (other than always having jewellery that goes with your outfit, obviously)…


I started out being taught the basics, then carried on teaching myself; I don’t have any qualifications in jewellery making, just an imagination and a drive to be creative. (for a loonger version of this story, click here.) Yet people trust me to make really special pieces of jewellery, for their friends, family or loved ones. I’ve been having more requests for commissions lately, and I love it!

If you’ve ever received a gift, given to you with the words

“I had it made for you”

then you know that there’s real power in those 6 little words:

I … Me, yes, me. I did it, no-one else. Whenever you look at it, you’ll think of me.

Had  … I had it made. It didn’t just happen, by accident. I made it happen.

It  … This pretty little thing. This is what I picked for you. Nothing else. This is what I thought you would like, more than anything else.

Made  … Someone made this for you. In their bedroom or studio or living room. Their hands put this together.

For  … This piece of jewellery had a purpose. It wasn’t just made and then left to be chosen at random. It was made to be given to you, no-one else.

You  … Everything about this piece of jewellery is for you. I decided on the colour, or picked the charms, it fits you exactly, and that’s not a coincidence.

And people trust me to do this for them! It kinda baffles me every time. Lately, I made a set of 3 bracelets for a lovely girl called Abbie, for her to give to her friend. She knew what colours her friend would like, she knew her style and she knew that she would wear the bracelets all stacked together. I loved putting her ideas into reality and hearing that her friend was wearing them every day because she loved them so much.


“I had it made for you”


“I love you and want you to be happy so much that nothing else other than the perfect gift will do.”

And witnessing that kind of love is really something.


Sami x


*Horrible marketing bit on the end of the post, that i’m a tad ashamed about*

If you do want me to make a commission for someone, then you can get in touch in the following ways:

Email made_by_sami@hotmail.co.uk

Facebook message me https://www.facebook.com/madebysami

Or text/ call me 07900381921


7 Days to Go…

So today I woke up with a funny neck. Not funny “ha ha”, funny “weird”.  I must have slept on it wrong, but it’s still hurting 😦 And it’s made sitting and doing repetitive tasks quite difficult!Fortunately, i’d planned to go into town this afternoon to pick up interesting things like groundsheets and string and marker pens. Unfortunately, I had to cancel going to the gym, and I got seriously distracted by New Look and H&M (and a little bit by Apricot too). So… i got home with an ever ‘hurtier’ neck from carrying bags, but also with 2 new tops. Life is full of ups and downs!! 

I then got some leather bows drawn and cut out, and changed my room from Sweat Shop to Boudoir (by moving it all into the spare room). *Side note to my landlady* It is a very neat mess and will all be gone by the time you come back to visit! Promise!

ImageNow The Boy is on his way and I will be having a well-earned rest tomorrow and heading over to Bristol for Harbourfest with my friends from work. I’ll tell you aaaalllll about it on Sunday. I’m hoping it will include lots of eating, the odd cider, and lots of distractions so I can (temporarily) forget about this To Do List:



Sami x




9 Days to go…

Today has been a bit mixed in terms of productivity….

This morning was good, but a bit slower than I wanted as I kept making silly mistakes all the time and my hands were hurting from my pliers 😦

So, I went off to the gym for a while with my friend from work. But it completely zapped all of my energy! This evening I got very little done and, naughtily, got sidetracked making new designs, which it’s really to late to do! Oh well.

I then fnished my night with a slight panic session about how little time I have left to do everything. I also had a little dig at myself which went something along the lines of: “Why do you always leave everything til the last minute? I knew you were going to do this!!”

My sensible side is SO ANNOYING!

Here’s an update in pictures:

ImageIf you have any kind, inspirational words then they would be very much appreciated.




Sami x

10 days to Go…

Hello everyone,

Well it’s been a while since I last blogged…

I work in a school so the last few weeks of term were pretty busy and tiring (trying to get teenagers to do work in this heat was nearly impossible!). But the weekend was lovely; drinks with work colleagues, 2 BBQs, a lovely country walk, and getting my life in order a little!

And THEN commenced


I had already listed everything I needed to make for Leopallooza, and had ordered the materials, but needed to actually get on with making over 500 items!!

I (stupidly) decided to go for the easy ones first, and got started on my button jewellery, which always goes down well at craft fairs:

ImageI felt like I had acomplished a lot yesterday, with a mountain of button jewellery taking up my lounge. So I set a goal to have everything made for thursday, which gives me a week to make stall decorations, package everything up and get any last-minute things I need.


Today I started on my Leopallooza bracelets. Forty of them. And it took a long, long time. I’m waiting on some cord crimps to finish the rest off, but 30 of them are completed, along with some button rings and the packaging for yesterday’s button jewellery. Oh, and some leather i’m painting too, to make headbands and necklaces with.

ImageMy housemate doesn’t believe that I make everything on my own, and has a theory that I have elves living in my wardrobe. It would be nice to have the company! I am going a bit mad, but singing along to the radio definitely helped.

My poor neighbours.

Talk to you again tomorrow 🙂


Sami x

Once Upon a Time…

I never planned to make jewellery or to sell my creations online. I never planned to devote hours of my time to creating beautiful packaging, learning how to market on Facebook, putting together newsletters, running workshops, selling at craft fairs and setting up a craft group. My plan has always been to keep on learning, to never pass up an opportunity to do new things, and to challenge myself to do things that could possibly fail, despite the nagging and consistent fear.
The big question

I’m not going to pretend that I know everything- I do most of these things by halves, stumbling upon new challenges on the way, getting distracted by new opportunities and chasing new ideas. And I’m not saying that all the things I try are a success, they’re definitely not! I haven’t got it all in the bag, I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, and the idea of this blog is NOT to market my jewellery to you and present a perfect, polished view of running a creative business. That’s what my website is for.
What is the idea then? To explain that, I suppose I need to update you on the story so far.

Time for bed now though, so I’ll start tomorrow…


Sami x