Drinking Up the Sunshine #1

My New Favourite Summer Drink #1

Iced Tea


Lemon and Green Tea teabag (I use Twinings)

Lemon and lime squash

Ice cubes

Cold water


Glass or mug (I used a pint glass)


Boil the kettle

Put a teabag into a glass/ mug, and add sugar. I used 1 and a half teaspoons of sugar (I usually have 1 in a cuppa)

Add enough boiling water to cover the teabag and leave to mash for about 2 minutes

Take teabag out and stir to dissolve sugar

Add a dash of squash (about the normal amount for a fairly weak glass of squash)

Add a whole tray of ice cubes and stir to get rid of heat

Top up with cold water (the colder the better)



I think it would work really well with a sprig of fresh mint, or some lemonade if- unlike me- you can stomach fizzy drinks!

Let me know how you get on! And if you have any other recipes for summer drinks, please leave a link in the comments 🙂


Sami x

Four Little Words…

I went to the Bath Brew House before Christmas, when my mum and dad came down to do some Christmas Market shopping, and it was lovely then.

However… I didn’t have a pudding.

ImageMe and 2 friends from work went for some food on Thursday and, luckily, we had pudding.

Four little words:





Oh, and Eton Mess served in a jar.

It was pure heaven and it is a well-recommended restaurant if you’re in the Bath area.



Sami x