Car Danger, Dawlish and a Scrumptious Cornish (Cream Tea)…

To escape the chaos of house-renting, car-buying and decision-making, I went to see my angels, who I see every 3 months. (You might remember Bath in March and Bournemouth in June) and it was Princess Helen’s turn to host this time, in Dawlish.

I now think that Dawlish is lovely, but my first impression was a bit odd… I got on the train in light, dry weather. I got off in dark, stormy weather, with the sea crashing over the barrier about 3 metres away from the train tracks. I was a bit befuddled! But that was the only bad bit of the weekend. My angels always cheer me up, and we had such a lovely time, eating chips on the beach and cream tea; falling in love with Helen’s cats and her lovely house, and catching up on all of the gossip. Oh, and a teeny bit of shopping (be rude not to).



There was a small car incident (which I promised I would tell you about in my last post). On our way back from shopping, we nearly all melted in the car when the heaters were blasting out really hot air when on the cold mode. Gem suggested that the engine might be overheating, and I asked Helen about coolant (NEW CAR KNOWLEDGE ALERT). She had never heard of coolant, didn’t know what it did, and was seriously low on the stuff. We double checked with my dad and had a not-so-reassuring chat with a lady in a petrol station, about the time her car radiator blew up on the motorway. Then Helen tried to sort out the problem like a pro. I feel very proud that I read my manual and have a small amount of Car Knowledge to- hopefully- keep Yohan the Yaris out of trouble. We’ll see. *note* It was actually a problem with the heater and Helen had to pay lots of money, but at least we tried.

Anyway, I was sad to leave the angels and Dawlish, but we’ll be meeting up again in January/ February so I’ll let you know about our latest adventures then.





Sami x

Leo, Part 4 (Sunday)

On Sunday, it was even more difficult to get up!! We’d had a great party time the night before, and on Sunday morning it was tipping it down with rain! Groan…

We got set up by about 9.30, and had some more tea from the ladies next door with our breakfast. I must admit, I was flagging on the Sunday, and feeling really fed up. The weekend had gone really well, but I was so tired and damp! Laura really kept me going on the Sunday, and I don’t know what I would have done without her!

The tent took air at one point on the Sunday, and my friends came to the rescue but holding the gazebo down!! We had to ask people to go in through the side at one point as we couldn’t open the front- things to improve next year!

ImageWe packed up early on the Sunday, as the weather was so bad- I could see stock getting ruined, and people were sheltering in the arena rather than walking around, or heading home early to dry off. Shame it ended in such a damp way, but we still sold quite a lot, and I smashed my target for the weekend, so it was all good in the end!

Hope you enjoyed my story!!

Please comment away with your own festival memories, or come and say hi on my Facebook page.


Sami x

Leo, Part 3 (Saturday)

After a pretty bad night’s sleep and a late night, it was difficult to get up and set up the stall on Saturday morning! But the weather was dry, which always makes it easier!

We set up for around 9.15, and then sat and had some breakfast while everyone else went to get theirs and wake up! We had a few customers then, and the morning was really busy. I also did some make and take activities, helping lots of people make lovely bunting necklaces.

We stayed open til about 2.30 and then decided to shut up shop and have the evening off, going to watch lots of bands!

ImageImageImageThe evening kicked off with lighting of the Leopallooza car (a tradition every year!)…Image

And ended with a brilliant set by Bastille…

ImageAnd some crazy dancing before bed…

ImageWhat a day 🙂


Sami x

Leo, Part 2 (Friday)

On Friday morning, we woke up and went to set up my stall. The wind had been blowing all night, and the gazebo was wide open, which scared me a little- what if it took off?!


But we set everything up anyway, and the wind started to die down a little when people began arriving. Also, we were opposite the Bag Jump, which shielded us from the wind a little! I was really excited to open at 12, and people soon started walking round and having a look.


A bit later, my friends arrived and came to say hi which was lovely 🙂 And after an afternoon of selling, we zipped up the tent at about 9 and went to see the bands!


Sami x

Leo, Part 1 (Thursday)

The story begins on Thursday, with a very long car journey down to Cornwall from Bath. Me and my sister, Laura, loaded up the car with everything, and set off just after lunchtime. I made flower garlands the whole way there, and we listened to music and tried not to feel nervous.

The Sat Nav got us to an Unamed Road, and we drove along, getting progressively more scared by the lack of signs and the deserted farms with half-missing Cornish flags, and then… there it was! We had made it to The Wyldes!

We went in and were met by Lee, one of the organisers, who escorted us to our pitch. We were very lucky as we ended up next to a tea stall with very lovely owners, who kept us filled up with tea all weekend 🙂

We then set up the gazebo (in the most ridiculous winds!), and unloaded some of the stands and decorations, before setting up our own tent. We then headed off to Widemouth for some food, and ate at a lovely little restaurant overlooking the beach. Me and Laura are from the Midlands originally, so obviously we do little squeaks of excitement every time we see the sea!

Image After a ridiculously large portion of scampi and chips, we headed back to the festival site. Earlier on, we had been able to drive straight through the site, but while we were away eating, the organisers had put up ropes, to rope off walkways through the campsite. Unfortunately, in the dark, it was like a weird, giant game of Pacman! After asking the lovely recycling man, we made it back to the car park and got an early night, ready for the excitement of the next day!


Sami x

It’s Leopallooza Eve Eve…

So I’m off to Leo tomorrow to get my gazebo set up, ready to start selling on Friday. And there is one thing that I cannot get out of my head…


I’m a tad stressed, and i’m hoping writing this blog post will put it into perspective. I am going to ignore the unfinished website, messy accounts, bomb-site room and things that I still need to buy. I am going all zen and focusing on the positives:

– I have finished making most of the stock I wanted to, so i’m gona carry on with that tonight and tomorrow morning if I have time, and take some bits with me to do while i’m there.

– I have nearly packed up everything, andi’m quite proud that I don’t have lots of stuff. Well… I DO have lots of stuff, but i’ve organised it well, and I should only have a couple of boxes to take to and from the car every night. Which means more time dancing to bands 🙂

– I have bought the food I need to take with me. This was an important job, I’m sure you will agree.

– I have made a ton of jewellery, and I think my stall will look pretty as I’ve spent time thinking up fun decorations.

– I have managed to write a blog post pretty much every day leading up to the festival.

So there! :p to all my negative thoughts. And if you have any encouraging words, I’ll be most grateful as always. Now, it’s time to get my clothes packed (will be a bit stuck without them!!)  I probably won’t write again til I’m back, so keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter for updates from a field in sunny* Cornwall.



Sami x

*there I go, being optimistic again!