One Very Busy Sewing Bee…

I managed to catch up with the final of the Great Bristish Sewing Bee this week. LOVE that programme! It’s so nice to have a stress-free show to watch, which doesn’t try to be anything but… nice!

Nice is good sometimes 🙂


On another note, how did Chinelo Bally have time to BLOG when she was on Great Britich Sewing Bee?! Wonder woman!

Although I completely adored posho winner Heather by the end of the competition, Chinelo was definitely my favourite. So I thought I’d check out her blog here. It’s full of sewing instructions to keep you busy if you’re after your next project.


Me? I’ll stick to my patchwork cushions for now, til I feel a little braver!

So, did the best woman win?! Leave your comments below…



Sami x