It’s Leopallooza Eve Eve…

So I’m off to Leo tomorrow to get my gazebo set up, ready to start selling on Friday. And there is one thing that I cannot get out of my head…


I’m a tad stressed, and i’m hoping writing this blog post will put it into perspective. I am going to ignore the unfinished website, messy accounts, bomb-site room and things that I still need to buy. I am going all zen and focusing on the positives:

– I have finished making most of the stock I wanted to, so i’m gona carry on with that tonight and tomorrow morning if I have time, and take some bits with me to do while i’m there.

– I have nearly packed up everything, andi’m quite proud that I don’t have lots of stuff. Well… I DO have lots of stuff, but i’ve organised it well, and I should only have a couple of boxes to take to and from the car every night. Which means more time dancing to bands 🙂

– I have bought the food I need to take with me. This was an important job, I’m sure you will agree.

– I have made a ton of jewellery, and I think my stall will look pretty as I’ve spent time thinking up fun decorations.

– I have managed to write a blog post pretty much every day leading up to the festival.

So there! :p to all my negative thoughts. And if you have any encouraging words, I’ll be most grateful as always. Now, it’s time to get my clothes packed (will be a bit stuck without them!!)  I probably won’t write again til I’m back, so keep an eye on my Facebook and Twitter for updates from a field in sunny* Cornwall.



Sami x

*there I go, being optimistic again!


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