8 Days to Go…


A big THANKYOU if you liked my posts, favourited or followed my blog yesterday or today! Getting the odd email popping up on my phone letting me know that i’m not just writing to myself has really cheered me up and kept me going today…

Well, I was a bit of a grumpy guts yesterday wasn’t I?! But you will be thankful to know that today has been a lot more productive. I was talking to my friend after the gym about procrastination, and someone had told her that people work better in small bursts (I think I remember this being said during stressy exam periods too). So, I thought i’d give it a go today; I set a timer on my phone, and I did 30 minutes of work followed by 10 minutes break (which I usually spent eating biscuits, watching 90210, or doing both.) This method kept me going way past lunch, but I did slump a bit this evening. Ah well, i’m not a machine!

So, what did I get up to today in my 30 minute bursts?! This…

Screenshot (25)

I have now moved all my finished stock into a spare room as i didn’t want it to get broken. And I finished my chevron necklaces, made some “Knowledge” necklaces and “Snowdrop” earrings, and sorted out one of my display stands:


Screenshot (26)

I was pleased with how it looked when done; even though it took ages to organise (it still had Christmas decorations on when I started!), it will save lots of time at Leo as I can just open it up and it will be ready.

Keep on getting in touch- I would love to hear your feedback or thoughts!



Sami x


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