9 Days to go…

Today has been a bit mixed in terms of productivity….

This morning was good, but a bit slower than I wanted as I kept making silly mistakes all the time and my hands were hurting from my pliers 😦

So, I went off to the gym for a while with my friend from work. But it completely zapped all of my energy! This evening I got very little done and, naughtily, got sidetracked making new designs, which it’s really to late to do! Oh well.

I then fnished my night with a slight panic session about how little time I have left to do everything. I also had a little dig at myself which went something along the lines of: “Why do you always leave everything til the last minute? I knew you were going to do this!!”

My sensible side is SO ANNOYING!

Here’s an update in pictures:

ImageIf you have any kind, inspirational words then they would be very much appreciated.




Sami x


3 thoughts on “9 Days to go…

    • Awww, thankyou! Today has gone a lot better (will post about it soon).
      Just had a quick look at your blog and it looks right up my street! Look forward to seeing more posts 🙂

      Thanks again for taking the time to post a lovely comment,
      Sami x

      • No problem, I know every little helps when you’re trying to stay motivated. I really like the pieces you’re creating, keep posting more pics!

        Thanks for checking out my blog too! 🙂

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