10 days to Go…

Hello everyone,

Well it’s been a while since I last blogged…

I work in a school so the last few weeks of term were pretty busy and tiring (trying to get teenagers to do work in this heat was nearly impossible!). But the weekend was lovely; drinks with work colleagues, 2 BBQs, a lovely country walk, and getting my life in order a little!

And THEN commenced


I had already listed everything I needed to make for Leopallooza, and had ordered the materials, but needed to actually get on with making over 500 items!!

I (stupidly) decided to go for the easy ones first, and got started on my button jewellery, which always goes down well at craft fairs:

ImageI felt like I had acomplished a lot yesterday, with a mountain of button jewellery taking up my lounge. So I set a goal to have everything made for thursday, which gives me a week to make stall decorations, package everything up and get any last-minute things I need.


Today I started on my Leopallooza bracelets. Forty of them. And it took a long, long time. I’m waiting on some cord crimps to finish the rest off, but 30 of them are completed, along with some button rings and the packaging for yesterday’s button jewellery. Oh, and some leather i’m painting too, to make headbands and necklaces with.

ImageMy housemate doesn’t believe that I make everything on my own, and has a theory that I have elves living in my wardrobe. It would be nice to have the company! I am going a bit mad, but singing along to the radio definitely helped.

My poor neighbours.

Talk to you again tomorrow 🙂


Sami x


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