An Exciting Announcement…


Hello all,

So… I’ve been promising you all some exciting news! But obviously- as it’s me- there’s a story that comes with it.

Last year, me and 3 friends went to a festival. Now i’m not talking Glastonbury, with its thousands of people (hope you had an amazing time if you just got back by the way!) I’m talking a teeny, cute, family-friendly, non-profit festival in Cornwall called Leopallooza. I won’t lie; we were a bit late booking festival tickets up, so we didn’t have all that much choice about which festival to go to, but looking back I am so glad. We had an amazing time:

Screenshot (10) copy

We convinced my friend James to go, to his first ever festival, and he LOVED it. This year we have a bigger group of around 8 people going, including more festie virgins, and I am so excited! But there is one tiny reason why I’m extra specially excited this year…



I’ve been bursting to tell you for a few weeks, but only properly heard confirmation on Friday, so had to keep it all buttoned up! I can’t wait to show you all my prep as I get ready for this big adventure, and keep you updated on my mini adventures (hopefully), stresshead moments (hopefully not) and my jittery cold feet moments (it’s gona happen).

You might remember this post back in May, and that was the very same day that I emailed the organisers of Leo to ask for a stall. I followed my own advice, sucked it up and bit the bullet. I feel very proud of myself as I’m a it of a chicken really! I can’t wait to create a beautiful little Made by Sami tent, filled with some brand new pieces of jewellery, and fun things for visitors to do! Eeee!


Now, I better start getting things ticked off my To Do list…

  • Write a blog post and tell everyone my news. Check.

One down, 50 MILLION more things to go!



Sami x


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