Someday Dreaming on a Sunday Afternoon…

If you’re a crafter, you’ll get this blog post. If not, apologies 🙂

The room I am most excited about decorating when me and The Boy buy our own house in the future?

The living room? Nah.

Bedroom? Not really.

Bathroom? Nope.

The room that makes me smile with excitement just thinking about it is….

My Craft Room.

I love making things. I love being inspired, pottering around and making a mess. But i’d love to have a space especially to do it in. I’m not even talking a whole room; i’ll share! But having a space that i’ve decorated to be practical and also inspirational… sigh!

Below are photos of my current attempt at craft studio bliss in my current room (top), paired up with the ideal (bottom)!



And some other ideas; I would love to have a space permanently set up for taking photos! (Not this big obviously). And a blackboard wall?! Hello fun work times!!!

ImageWhat are your craft space or ‘someday’ dreams? Lemme know in the comments below…

Happy Sunday!


Sami x


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