What’s the Plan, Batman?

This weekend was not much fun. I’m not going to go into detail about it, suffice to say that nothing too catastrophic or horrible happened, but it did make me think quite a bit.

Reflecting on the last few months has been difficult. I’ve moved, to a different city, to a new house, a new job and a new lifestyle. It started out very positively, and I still love my job, my shared house, my new friends… But the Made by Sami side of things has drifted a little. It’s not that I’m not enjoying it; I’m just not doing much of it! And while one side of me really misses the constant activity, another side is quite enjoying being lazy, watching lots of TV and having evenings free to chat.

Today (as it’s half term so I’m not working), I had a lie-in, did some faffing around the house and a few little jobs, then walked home. Walking helps me to think; I used to hate walking but I quite like the quiet, reflective time it gives me now. When I got home, I cleaned my room. I don’t know whether anyone else’s mind is so strongly linked to their environment, but I really can’t separate the two- when my room is a mess, so is my head. So, my room- and my head- got tidied a little. And while I was singing along to some 90s pop (Alisha’s Attic if you’re interested) and dusting, I realised that I need a plan. And once I’ve figured out that plan, I need to stick to it.

The problem is, forming a plan means listening to myself, and having a definite opinion, a sure idea. And that’s something I really struggle with; how do I know if I’m right?! So here’s the plan:

  • Listen to yourself
  • Trust in your gut feeling
  • Take a risk if it feels exciting
  • Only do what you love doing

That’s my new business plan.

Ok, so it still needs a little work to make it an actual plan, but the bones are there. It sort of goes back to the image in my first ever blog post; “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” Put bluntly, it’s time to GROW A PAIR.


Sami x


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