Spooning Might Actually Lead to Forking…

I’m still getting used to this blogging malarky, and just starting to enjoy seeing what other people are blogging about. Today I found a blog post called “The World’s Top 10 Most Amazing Coat Hangers” on this blog. I honestly didn’t think a list of coat hangers would be interesting, but I found a lovely (and cheeky) one which I want in my house!!


Time for another story…

A few years back, I visited London for the day, and went to Covent Garden for a wander round the lovely market there. I (obviously) am a big lover of jewellery, and i’m always looking for interesting and unusual jewellery to buy, so was thrilled when I found a stall selling rings made from spoons! I wanted one so badly, so began the hunt for the nearest cash machine. Covent Garden is very scarce in the cash machine department; by the time I got the cash and went back (I may have been distracted by a few shops on the way), the seller had packed up his stall and gone home.

Every time I visited London, I went back to the market, trying to find the “Spoon Man”. It took around 4 visits before I found him, shouted “I found you! You’re here!” and got a very strange look. I promptly picked a ring; a teeny little sugar spoon from 1933, with a pretty little pattern around the base:


(Sorry for the murky photo)

It has lived very comfortbly on my finger for years now, and it’s stil top of my ‘favourite rings’ list. I showed it off to all my friends and family, including my Auntie. She said “Oh yeah, I love that stall, I have his mobile number stored in my phone!”.




Sami x


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