A Very Important Chapter

Well, I promised you a story!

I suppose it really, truly began in 2010, when I started learning how to make jewellery, and began to sell these pieces online. Since then, I learnt new things, battled with tax returns and became proud of new designs. For the last year of my life, Made by Sami has been a welcome distraction from the frustration of not being able to find a job in Somerset and move to start a new adventure. I poured everything into it- my time, energy and effort- all alongside a full time job, visiting my long-distance boyfriend and running a craft group. And by Christmas 2012 I was exhausted!

Thankfully, my luck began to change- I found a job that I knew I would love and it was in Bath, and I decided to get out of my very comfortable comfort zone and make the move. By January I was camping out on my sister’s floor, meeting new friends, getting to know Bath, and loving every minute of my new job. Made by Sami had to be put on hold and I was forced to chill out, take some time and think about plans for Made by Sami in the future. And that’s where I am now!

I’ve found somewhere to live, have space for a desk, and have a real urge to get back into making things. It seems the right time to start a blog- I need to carry on making plans and thinking of the future, although that’s a really scary thing for me to do, and something I find really difficult when surrounded by To Do lists and beads. I also feel like I don’t talk to my customers enough, about the things that Made by Sami is all about. What I make is personal; I think of the designs, tinker away with them until they are perfect, wrap them and handwrite the labels, then drop them in the post box, wishing and hoping that the person receiving them will love what they unwrap. And you (my customer, past customer, present customer or random passer-by) deserve to know all this.



First things first, let’s get unpacked and put the kettle on…


Sami x

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